The Relationship Between Parents and Grandparents

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When individuals are younger, they often scoff at the advice of their own parents and feign complete disinterest at what they are being told. However, as they age, they start to see that, indeed, their parents were correct about many issues. Once this first generation of parents turns into grandparents, the middle generation might want to consider talking to their own parents about trials, tribulations and successes. 

Past Stories
What was I like when I was growing up? Do you remember the first time that I spoke? What were my first words? All of these questions are interesting to ask parents. However, you may be wondering what type of value that it has for people who are bringing up children. Well, it allows parents to pass down stories of their own childhood to their own children. The grandparents will most likely pass on before the other members of the family, so these stories will always provide a connection amongst the generations after those sad events have happened. 

Through Bad Times 
Most parents will, at some point, wonder how to get a constantly crying baby to sleep or how to calm a child who has been teased at school. If you successfully survived the often difficult growing up years, why not turn to your own parents for some advice? They may know of a particularly soothing method for comforting an upset toddler or child. Additionally, they might be able to point you to some sorts of references with which you can consult for additional help.

…And Good

When your little one says his or her first word or takes his or her first steps, who are the first people you tell after your spouse? Chances are, it is your parents. They were there to raise you, and now you can share all of the joys of watching your own little one grow up with them. Talk to them about what your child is learning in preschool or how he/she just sang his ABCs all alone for the very first time. Keep open dialogues about events such as dance recitals, school plays or Christmas pageants, so that the whole family can enjoy them together.

Times Have Changed
Sometimes discussing the ways in which times have changed is difficult for you and your parent. However, do not expect them to automatically know about new methods, strategies and health information. After all, it has been awhile since they raised a child! Allow them to read your sources. They might seem as though they are annoying, but they just have your child’s best interest in mind too.
Furthermore, be open to the ways in which certain old school style parenting techniques, tactics and strategies are still relevant today. You made it this far, didn’t you?

Raising a child is one of the greatest joys in a person’s life, and it can also be one of the most trying tasks. Therefore, turn to your own parents for guidance and advice, but also as a set of people with whom you can share the wonderful moments. Chances are, both you, your parents and your children will be very happy to be involved in the lives of one another.

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