How to Raise a Well-Rounded Child

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How to Raise a Well-Rounded Child

Raising a well rounded child requires a good family support system at home so children grow up with the ability and confidence to meet their goals and ambitions. Our job as parents is to give our children the confidence so that our children develop their sense of purpose and passion in life.  What defines a well rounded child can all happen at home before they ever even go to school.  If you want to raise a well balanced and healthy child, look at the techniques below to help you get there!

Encourage Special Skills

All children have their own special talents and gifts.  These are the very attributes that may be apparent once they get in school, but there are also children who have talents outside of school.  Doing some fun things like karate lessons or musical lessons is fun, but you can also do things that don’t require money.  Unstructured play can be very good for children.  Playing a game of tag in the yard, kickball, or trying to catch lightening bugs can all give your child the chance for personal development that is physical as well.  When you teach your kids to look for hobbies, or have some yourself as well, which can be what inspires them to do those same things.

Praise Efforts

 Research has proven that how a person’s mind is set will be a big influence in their behavior.  One of the best things you can do as a parent is praise and recognize your children for their efforts and hard work.  Instead of telling them how smart they are or how talented they are, tell them how good it is to have them working so hard and doing such a great job. Children that have a growing mind set are the ones that will be ready to take on challenges and face hard work because they believe that it’s always good to work hard and learn more skills.  Remember that the grade a child makes in school is not what makes a student successful – it’s their own drive to learn.


Reading to your children at an early age is one of the best things you can do.  Babies, toddlers and preschoolers enjoy reading.  Readying teaches language development, future school success and incredible skills in reading early. Even if your kids are too little to read or understand, they build a vocabulary just listening to you.  Reading has also been proven to emotionally help children.  In a research that was done in the UK, 5 year old children who had been read to daily did not have as many behavioral issues during school.

Dinners Together

Believe it or not, children get so much emotionally and educationally by sharing something simple like a dinner meal together.  Just having a nice, comfortable discussion with them about how their day has been, or what they learned in school teaches your child to know that family values are important and that you are interested in them and what they are doing. Studies have proven that eating together as a family unit at least five times during the week shows a higher grade average for children.

You have the power to start at a young age teaching your children how to be well-rounded and confident children.  Take the time to do some of the things above to help promote that effort and see how much more balanced your children feel.

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