Kid-proof your medicine cabinet

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Here is some great advice that Grandpa Richard wants to remind all parents about. Please read this article, and the GO DO what it suggests.


A mother’s worst nightmare, you’ve fallen asleep and your child has gotten into the medicine cabinet.

Kid-proofing your medicine cabinet is key to the health of your children and what better time to tackle this project than when you’re doing your spring cleaning! Checking your medicine cabinet regularly helps you ensure contents are stored safely and you have the right medications on hand to deal with the most common childhood illnesses.

“A top concern for kid-proofing a medicine cabinet is safe storage,” explains Tracey Phillips, Director, Pharmacy, Rexall. “Always store your medication out of reach from your children in a cool, dry place such as in a large Tupperware container in a high bedroom cabinet or linen closet, do not store medications in the fridge unless directed to do so, and keep medication out of the washroom or kitchen where heat and humidity can impact its effectiveness.”

Here are some other helpful tips from Rexall to get you started:

• Do not call medicine candy. It is important that your child knows the difference.

• Take your unused or expired medications to your local Rexall pharmacy for environmentally safe and free disposal. Flushing medicine down the toilet or throwing it in the trash is harmful to the environment.

• Keep medication in its original labeled container, so you know what’s in the bottle, the expiry date and how to use it.

• The top 5 most important items to have in your kid-proof medicine cabinet are: assorted bandages, children’s formulations of short acting allergy relief medication, a pain reliever (either children’s acetaminophen or Ibuprofen), motion sickness medication, and a reusable hot/cold pack.

Speak with your pharmacist for tips on the best way to kid-proof your medicine cabinet and visit for more information on ensuring a safe medicine cabinet.

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