Child Care in Canada

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I personally lean toward informal day care, but I realize there is a need for more spaces in formal day care facilities.

What I found interesting about this article in The Star is that it had real life examples from both sides of the fence. Some of the quoted parents, like I, preferred informal daycare, and others wanted more government operated facilities.

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More Breastfeeding Could Save Billions

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A updated study (as reported in the journal Pediatrics) suggests that billions of dollars could be saved in the United states if mothers breastfed their babies for 6 months. It has been reported that some hospitals push formula even when the mother wants to breastfeed. The study confirms the oft handed down notion that breastfeeding should start as soon after birth as possible.

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Childcare Issue

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Space, that is, lack of it.

See my commentary at the Grandpa Richard Speaks website.

Can Kids be Kids?

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I read with interest a news item ( click here ) about comments made by the Archbishop of Canterbury. In an interview, Rowan Williams says children who are rushed between ballet, violin, and swimming classes are being suffocated by their parents’ desire for them to excel. He calls on parents who both work, to put their children ahead of their careers.

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