Kid-proof your medicine cabinet

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Here is some great advice that Grandpa Richard wants to remind all parents about. Please read this article, and the GO DO what it suggests.


A mother’s worst nightmare, you’ve fallen asleep and your child has gotten into the medicine cabinet.

Kid-proofing your medicine cabinet is key to the health of your children and what better time to tackle this project than when you’re doing your spring cleaning! Checking your medicine cabinet regularly helps you ensure contents are stored safely and you have the right medications on hand to deal with the most common childhood illnesses.

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Crickets, Ears, Mouths, and Temperature

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Here is a common piece of logic. God gave us two ears and only one mouth, therefore we should listen more than we talk. Try getting your young son or daughter to agree to that logic. Let’s face it, children are great noise factories.

It may be possible, however, to get them to be quiet on a warm summer’s night. Take them outside and explain how listening to crickets can tell them the temperature. This works great in much of the United States where common crickets live. If you have common crickets in your home area, you can also try this there.

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Name Meanings – Why Are They Important?

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I have always been fascinated by the fact that many cultures put much more emphasis on name meanings than many North Americans do. I know that my Anglo-Saxon given names, Richard and William, have meanings, but that is not why my parents picked them.

Here is a guest article about name meanings, written by Warren Wong. Enjoy.

A given name or a first name is the name given to a person to differentiate that person from someone else in the family or someone who carries the same surname or last name. This name is given to a person by the parents or guardians. The name is not carried down from generation to generation like the surname. Different groups have different name meanings and use the given names and surnames in different ways. Read the rest…


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My grand daughter Jasmine has a new pet. A snail. She found it in the garden and has provided it with a home of water, pebbles, green growing plants, and a top with small air holes. Her mom even taught her that a snail is an hermaphrodite, meaning it is both a male and a female. Not sure what Jasmine thought of that. (and I’d like to know if her mom actually knew that word or looked it up online!!!)

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Ads about Nutrition

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Interesting coincidence considering the post about obese children yesterday.

I was waiting at a bus stop for my daughter’s fiance to pick me up. It was Kristina’s birthday and he had made reservations at a really nice restaurant. As usual, the ladies (my daughter and grand daughter) were a bit behind schedule, so Les came to pick me up while he was waiting.

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Great Deals on Cereal

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Went shopping for groceries on Saturday. Walked down the cereal isle looking for good deals, as I will not bother getting cereal unless it’s on sale.

What types of deals were there? Lots of the cereals aimed at kids. You know the type. Half sugar and nutrients that have been added back in! I have always considered them over priced in the first place, anyhow.

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Birthday # 5

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My grand daughter celebrated her 5th birthday recently, and I was invited to the party.

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Captain Cone

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It’s summer, and in my head I can hear the sound of the ice cream guy coming. Sometimes it’s the truck version. Sometimes the bicycle version. Kids everywhere in Canada and the States must recognize that music. It has been a tradition for years.

Did you have these very often when you were young? My issue was controlling their arrival, or being able to stop my kids from hearing their bells, etc. Let’s close the front windows and turn up the stereo!

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Help! My Baby is Graduating

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It’s inevitable that your child is going to graduate from school eventually and you may begin to feel the pangs of empty nest syndrome. While understandable, here are tips to help you deal with your child’s graduation.

Think about it for a moment. From birth until now, you have raised your child in preparation for this monumental day – graduation. All of the worries, late night talks, helping with homework, pacing the floor during exam time, have come to this final moment. It doesn’t matter whether your child is graduating from pre-K or high school, it seems as if the years have flown by, doesn’t it? Read the rest…

Adopting a Special Needs Child

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One of my best friends when I was growing up had been adopted. Watching his “dad” you would never know it. He cared for and loved his adopted son in the same way that he would have loved his own. This does not change when the child involved has problems

What is a special needs child? When asked in conjunction with adoption, the term takes on a slightly different definition. Each jurisdiction has a different set of guidelines that defines exactly what special needs means to them, however, most will include children with the following: physical or health problems, HIV positive, or prenatally exposed to alcohol or drugs. It takes a special couple to adopt this type of a child, but the love that develops is very special as well.

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