5 Benefits Of Building Block Toys

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Building block toys have always been a favorite among children thanks to the fact that they are both fun and challenging, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. However, other than just being an entertainment tool, building block toys offer several benefits for your kids. Here are 5 of those benefits:

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Three Fun Winter Activities For Families

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The winter season is a perfect time to explore different activities for families to do together. Just because it may be cold outside and the days seem shorter is no reason to not spend precious time enjoying each other’s company.

Finding things to do in the winter time may be considered more difficult than spring or summer, but with a little planning there’s plenty you can do as a family!

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How To Create a Fairy Themed Party In Your Garden

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You have a daughter that loves bugs, fairies, wildlife, ladybirds and want to create a lovely garden themed party.

When designing this garden theme think about enchanted forests with doors everywhere, toadstools in red and white colours, butterflies and fairies. A great idea for this party is a smoke machine for the pop of fairies or when they create a spell. Kids can do creation activities like making their own fairy wand. Create mini doors to stick on trees and plant pots in the garden. Use little bridges over the soil for fairies to walk on and gold coins as stepping stones. Add butterflies made from card, paper and sprayed silver to flowers, add miniature bug toys to flower beds and leaves of the flowers.

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Top 10 Preschool Games

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Young family playing a board game

Preschool is an important time in a child’s cognitive, reflexive, and social growth, and games are one of the best ways to promote sound development. For parents who may be looking for something more stimulating for their children than what smartphones have to offer, here is a list of some of the best classic and contemporary games for preschoolers.

Candyland. This time-honored board game may seem simple, but it teaches some important lessons for preschoolers. Since game play is focused around color recognition, Candyland is like a set of fun flash cards with vibrant characters to go along with them. It also teaches the concept of taking turns, and makes it simple since so little is required out of each turn. Read the rest…

10 Great Ways That The Family Can Relax Together

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It is important that the family comes together and participates together as a unit. This not only creates a great role model for the children to replicate in their adult lives, but it also teaches the benefits of strong family bonds. Sitting together watching a movie or television program suitable for the whole family is fine every once in a while but if you find you are spending more and more time in front of the square box in the lounge or even worse if you are all spending time in front of your own televisions in different rooms in the house, then it is time to put some family structure in place!

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Fun Activities for the Entire Family

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Families have busy schedules these days with children involved in numerous extracurricular activities along with homework from school and chores at home. Therefore, it’s essential for parents to plan fun family activities.

Beach Day

An affordable family activity includes a day spent at the beach. Parents can pack the sunscreen, blanket and a lunch for a day of beach fun. Sand toys will keep young children busy while older children will enjoy soaking in the sun and playing in the water. Even families without access to a typical beach may live near a lake or stream.

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Find Age-Appropriate Equipment For Kids’ Recreational Areas

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Image by Uncle Saiful

Everyone wants to do something for their kids, especially if it is something that will make them healthier and happier. While schoolwork is an important portion of every kid’s life, you should not discount the importance of recreational periods, in which kids spend time with each other following leisurely pursuits. Recreational time is important for kids not only because it helps them to stay healthy and provides a welcome break from school work, but also because children learn a great deal about peer interaction and cooperation when they engage in games, make believe, and other after-school or weekend activities. Playtime can be either structured, with specific activities planned for each recreational period, or it can be more freeform, which involves allowing children the opportunity to discover and organize the activities that they want to do. You might find that kids are sometimes better off being left alone to use their imaginations, because that can be a welcome break from the more structured experience that they have most days in the classroom.

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10 Steps for Finding the Right Summer Camp

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It may be the start of spring, but it’s not too early to begin thinking about which summer camp is best for your kids. There are a lot of camps out there and each has different goals and activities. Choosing which one is right for your kids, then, is more than a matter of selecting the one that is closest to you.

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Smart Tips For Traveling With Children

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Taking the children and family traveling can much simpler when following these great tips!

1. Never Forget
•It’s always important to remember medication.  Headache remedies, motion sickness medications, sleep aids, and prescriptions need to be kept handy, to avoid trying to find stores and pharmacies open late at night.

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Converting Parts Of One’s Yard To A Kid Heaven

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Image by Irina Zadorozhnaja

Kids today have it much easier than kids of yesterday, but the easy nature of things usually makes them lazier and less interested in the outside world than before.  While at one time the streets of neighborhoods were littered with kids riding their bikes or swimming in their pool, today most kids are locked into their video game console for hours each day.  Luckily, with some ideas, a yard can easily be turned from a boring open area to a place that kids beg to spend time in each day.

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