4 ways kids can help others this holiday season

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Parents can plant seeds of compassion this holiday season by letting their children care for others. This time of year there are many ways to nurture empathy.

• Have kids help out with holiday planning. A parent hosting a party can ask their child how to make it more enjoyable for the guests.

• Give a deeper understanding of how can they can make a difference through acts of charity. A fun way to introduce children to charity is World Vision Gifts (www.worldvision.ca/gifts). Kids can also carry their own change to donate to charities collecting money in malls and shopping centres.

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Snap Some Amazing Photos Of Your Child Using These 5 Great Tips

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When your child is born you think they are going to be little forever, but sooner or later you realize they will be leaving home for college quicker than you expected. Life goes so fast and they grow up so quick. When you are crying because you miss having them around the one thing that will help cheer you up is getting out your old photos and reminding yourself what they were like when they were young. You’re lucky because in this day and age you will probably have thousands of them to choose from.

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The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

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Homeschooling has it's benefits, and drawbacksThe homeschooling trend is growing fast. Some analysts estimate it’s growing at a rate of 15 percent per year. There’s a reason this method of education is so popular too. Homeschoolers are scoring better than their public and private school peers on standardized tests, and they’re academically competing at higher levels in spelling bees and quiz bowl competitions across the nation. More colleges and universities are welcoming home school students with open arms. If you’re thinking about homeschooling, you’re certainly not alone. It’s important to note, though, that there are lots of positive aspects to homeschooling, but there are a few drawbacks as well.

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3 Great Websites for Military Children

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Military children have a different life than other children. They are constantly bouncing from having two parents to having one parent when the military parent is deployed (or from having one parent to living with relatives if it’s a single-parent household). On top of that, they are constantly moving around the world depending on where their parent is stationed.

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Food as a Memory of Childhood

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I was shopping for groceries yesterday when a product caught my eye. Creamsicle ice cream. And it was on for 1/2 price!

That brought back memories of my childhood, when Creamsicles were one of my favourite treats. The other frozen treat high on my list was Fudgesickles.

Then, as I continued around the store, pecan pie appeared. When I was in high school (I know, that’s a bit old for Grandpa Richard’s Kids, but it is related!) mom used to buy me pecan pies to try and help me gain weight. Nobody else was allowed a slice. Just me.

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Pets of all Types

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My 6 year old grand daughter loves critters.

They live in the country and she is always wanting a container to put her new “pet” into. Sometimes it is a frog or toad. Other times a mole or similar, or maybe a baby bird.

The other day she came across a potential pet that she decided not to try and keep. A 2 foot snake. (see photo)

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Update and Tadpoles

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I apologize for my absence. Have been very busy with family matters and workload at the office as well.

My granddaughter’s family is in the process of moving to an old farm house. Jasmine really likes the outdoors and we have been exploring her new “yard”. This weekend’s discovery was tadpoles. She has not encountered them before and was very curious. Like many children, she wanted to capture some in a cup.

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Terrible Two’s

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Or maybe it is the Terrific Two’s.

My grandson is actually getting close to 3, and his mom says that he is starting to form sentences. What an awesome time of life. I sure wish I was closer to him right now.

Here is a simple, yet fantastic example.

The other day while sitting in the parking lot at Superstore, Brendan turns to his mom and says “Mommy the sun touched my face!”. It was a sunny day and he was feeling the warmth through the car window.

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Kick the Can

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I watched as my son-in-law and grand daughter opened Christmas gifts that involved electronics. Could not believe that my daughter bought her husband a PSP for Christmas. “Won’t he just sit there deep in action, and not hear you talking?” was my question to her.

Then a friend emailed me and shared how her and her children were playing some game on the Wii. She explained to them about a time long ago without electronic games. (horror!!) Instead, she related to them, we played games like kick the can.

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What is a Webkinz?

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If you are like Grandpa Richard, you have trouble keeping up on the newest trends for children. My grand daughter is always mentioning this, that, and the other thing to me. Of course, not watching TV shows with a children’s theme (so I see the newest ads) does not help me.

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