Buying Clothes For Children: Important Steps

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When you plan to buy clothes for children, you need to consider several factors. This becomes all the more important if you are buying kids clothes for gifting purposes. Children’s apparel departments offers an extensive variety to choose from. Read the guidelines mentioned below to make your purchase easy and successful.

1. Consider the age of the child before you buy the clothes.

2. Observe the child. Note his/her favorite styles, images, cartoon characters and patterns. Take a note of the type of clothes the child wears. In case you are not familiar with the child, you can look at other children of his/her age.
Note: often children love wearing T-shirts, skirts and other dresses imprinted with their favorite fictional characters. To gift such clothes, note the child’s favorite cartoon programs. If this is not possible, try to find out the favorite cartoons among children of that age group. This will help you in selecting stylish clothes for them.

3. Decide upon the budget. There are plenty of stores both online and offline that deal with kid’s clothing. Choose a store based on your budget. Consider these factors when you select a store:
Department stores have limited variety but offer clothes at affordable prices.
Thrift stores are affordable but you rarely get good quality here.
Specialty stores have a great variety of kids clothing. However, considering the high quality they are more expensive.
You can shop online for kids clothing. Kid’s clothing online has become quite popular. You can browse through several websites that deal with children’s clothing. You will often come across a large selection of outfits for children. View more

4. Check all the latest styles of clothing, keeping in mind the popular cartoon characters and patterns.

5. In case you are buying for multiple children, categorize the clothes based on size. Double-check the size of the outfit. Try to estimate if the outfit will fit the child properly or not. If you are buying an outfit for an overweight child, buy the outfit at least two times bigger.

6. In case you are buying the clothes for any special occasion, buy at least 2 sets of clothes. That way, if any of the outfits have a problem, you always have the second outfit in hand.

7. Keep all the clothes that you chose not to buy in a proper manner. Give the clothes to the storekeeper and tell him/her that you will not buy them.

8. You can save a great deal of money by buying off-season clothes i.e. purchasing summer clothes in winter or winter clothes in summer.

9. If you are buying for children below 5 years of age, buy slightly oversized clothes. Children during this age period grow faster and can easily fit in big clothes in a few months.
Note: children below 5 years of age are less choosy about clothes.

10. Do not use the fitting room with children below 10 years old. They will get irritated easily with the frequent trial of clothes. In case the clothes are too big or too small, generally all children’s apparel stores have an exchange policy.

11. If you are buying clothes for gift purpose, make sure that the child’s parents will like the clothes.

12. As parents, you can give your child’s small clothes to resale shops. Parents with limited budget buy clothes from these stores. In this way, you help these parents and can get back some of the money for the clothes.

Guest blogger Steve Hawk is a renowned writer who has several articles on kids clothing and fashion. In this article, he gives important guidelines for buying clothes for kids.

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