Snap Some Amazing Photos Of Your Child Using These 5 Great Tips

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When your child is born you think they are going to be little forever, but sooner or later you realize they will be leaving home for college quicker than you expected. Life goes so fast and they grow up so quick. When you are crying because you miss having them around the one thing that will help cheer you up is getting out your old photos and reminding yourself what they were like when they were young. You’re lucky because in this day and age you will probably have thousands of them to choose from.

Just because you will have all those photos doesn’t mean they will be great. That isn’t to say you’re a bad photographer, but when you are trying to capture memories that will last a lifetime it’s better if you look into ways to improve your skills. Taking a great photograph of a child is an art form and it’s not hard to do once you know a few simple things. Let’s go through some of them now and by the time you’re finished you’ll be able to fool yourself into thinking you’re a professional.

Week #15 Time

The right timing

If you want the best photos possible it’s much better to take them when you know your child is going to be in a playful mood. You know better than anyone how grumpy they can get sometimes, especially if they are desperate for a nap. If they are sleepy you should just keep the camera in its case. One of the best times to get them at their best is after they’ve had a nice nap, or even when they have had something to eat. Chocolate always puts a smile on their face.

Hey little friend!

When they are playing

You might be able to take a great photo by asking them to stay still and say cheese, but if they are still pretty young it’s not always easy. The best thing you can do is let them play and try to act like the paparazzi spying on them until you get a great shot. This also looks a lot more natural and the photo ends up looking better because the smile is always genuine. You might have to practice a little before you get good at it, but it’s worth the effort.

Further down

Instead of taking photos when they are standing up you can try taking them when they are closer to the floor. Try to pretend you’re a professional and get them into weird and wonderful positions because that is sometimes where the magic happens. You can get a great photo when they’re lying on their stomach and looking up. It’s also good when they are sitting down like their legs have collapsed from underneath them. Just be creative and you’ll do great.

KIZIM (344)

Get up close

You don’t always have to take photos when they are far away and sometimes it’s much better if your child takes up the whole frame. Everything is captured in more detail and most of the time the background is rubbish anyway. When you do want to capture some of the background it’s still possible, but you just need to bring them closer to you. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to get it right all the time because it’s easy enough to crop part of the photo off.

Get them to dress up

I’m pretty sure your child would love nothing better than to dress up as their favorite superhero or princess. When they are in a playful mood because of the costume they are wearing it makes it much easier to get great photos. For some reason they don’t mind having them taken when they are dressed up because they want to see what they look like. This won’t work forever and eventually the only time you’ll see them dressed up is at Halloween, so make the most of it while you can.

Lucy Literna is a professional photographer and runs her own photo studio in Toronto. Her work is admired by the locals and is a regular feature in many birthday party’s of children in the locality. Besides her work, she takes time out of her busy schedule to fulfill her hobby of writing and writes about photography on various blogs.

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